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For those who want to see it first ... the latest pictures and reports list:


SABERS Heather's tell Tony where to go! August 2017

Written by Fred Horvath.


Due to the awful weather forecast we postponed the ride from Saturday the 5th to the 12th. As it turned out the bad weather came much later in the day and we may have got away with it although it would have been quite cold.

Five bikes were waiting when Lyn and I arrived at the start point...for some reason I thought it was the other side of South Road and so we discovered that going left does not get you back to what you just missed...! Tony (without Heather...!), father and son Alan & Jeff, another Geoff and Andre had a good laugh at my expense. Tony must have got a serious telling off to be sent off on his own but he knuckled down to the task and we were promptly on our way.

The lovely morning highlighted beautiful gardens and pastures on our way to Ashbourne. My back was giving me some grief so I was quite happy to saunter along at the back of the group. In Ashbourne at the Greenman Inn we were met by Paul and Carol. Our hosts soon had us coffeed and juiced up. Geoff, Jeff and Alan tucked into some great looking and smelling breakfast as they were leaving the ride here. The rest of us saved it for lunch.

Tony lead us down to near Victor Harbor with a bit of help from Andre to get around the back of Port Elliot. Then Tony took us on some less travelled back roads with awesome scenery to Inman Valley. The roads were a bit lumpy for my liking...the way too softly sprung Goldwing bouncing all over the place. But going slow and steady was rewarded with fantastic views.

The Glacier Rock lunch stop was not be as they were booked out. No matter...The Woodshed in Inman Valley was very wellcoming. We enjoyed local produce cooked locally...very nice. The owner said that last Saturday when he left to go home the hail was so bad he had to pull over and stop...not motorcycling weather...glad we pulled the pin on it.

From lunch we headed across to Bracegirdles in McLaren Vale taking in more of the fabulous Fleurieu Peninsula along the way. Lyn & I left the ride here.

Thanks Heather (in absentia) and Tony for a great day.




SABERS opening ride for 2017

Written by Fred Horvath.


Sunday 8th January 2017

Seven bikes started from Prospect on a much milder day than we endured yesterday (date of the scheduled ride). Five regulars and two visitors. No pillions today.

Norton Summit Road was awash with the lycra brigade...we negotiated around them all safely...even the two abreast testosterone warriors racing each other to the top. Mostly the tree and vegetation debris from our recent storms has been swept from the hills roads so we could enjoy the scenery as we went.

In Clarendon we picked up another rider. Lots of motorcycles out today...nice to get many return nods/waves. The Hindmarsh Tiers Road as always was a joy to ride. The Yankalilla Bakery was very busy as usual but the many friendly staff served the queue promptly. One rider left us here...he assured us he wasn’t going home to do his washing...!

We stopped in at Lady Bay to remember Tim Hunt, one of our founders taken by Leukaemia. His ashes were spread in the sea here.

Nice to have little wind on Range Road...a most enjoyable ride.

Fuel stop in Victor and two more riders left us.

Cleland Gully Road was fun again...only one set of dairy cow dung tracks across the road today...! And we soon found our way to Meadows along the favoured Bull Creek Road.

Three more riders joined us at the bakery where we recounted the journey with coffee and cake.

A fabulous day out and a great start to 2017 for SABERS. Thank you to everyone for marshalling and Tony for bringing up the rear.

Good day




SABERS Mark's Magical not so early Breakfast Ride 20160619

Written by Fred Horvath.

Four riders including a visitor and one pillion made another cold start from Prospect.  Andre had come all the way up from Victor Harbor in ordinary weather...he made good use of the comfort features on the big Victory...heated seat and grips.

Mark took us up Greenhill Road which was less than pleasant...wet & cold. Then on through Summertown, Uraidla and Balhannah to Hahndorf.  And through Echunga, Meadows and the popular Bull Creek Road (mostly dry) to Ashbourne where we were met by Paul & Carol plus two visiting Ulysses riders with a pillion and Steve by car.

We waded through the awesome breakfasts offered by the Greenman Inn...would be hard to leave here with any hunger left.

Nangkita Road took us to Mount Compass where a corner marshalling oopsie split the group for a little while.  Once regrouped we followed Mark along Pages Flat Road and skirted Myponga to ride over the reservoir wall.  Then down into Carrickalinga along Forktree Road with it's magnificent views.

Normanville, Lady Bay, Second Valley and Rapid Bay were soon behind as we pulled up in Delamere to fuel the bikes with smaller tanks.

Fortunately there was little wind along Range Road so despite a cold run it was very enjoyable.  Our new Ulysses friends peeled off along here while we continued on down into Victor Harbor for end of ride at the Boulevard Café on the Lake.  Great coffee and service as always here.

Thanks Mark for a lovely long day along some of our favourite roads...lucky for us the wind was low and the rain stayed away.

Good day, Fred


SABERS Klever Trevor's Mystery Ride 20160604

Written by Fred Horvath.


This was to be our first cold group ride for the year.

Five riders and one (Bronwyn on her first SABERS run) pillion braved the fresh morning at Prospect. Our first stop was an impromptu one to top up the clutch fluid on Mark's YZF. His son Mikey had cleverly commandeered the VTR for the day.

The takeaway in Freeling beckoned for some warm coffee and of course breakfast for Mark.

From Freeling we headed to Tarlee via Templers. The Grasshopper Café is still closed so no fuel nor more warm coffee to be had there. Trever lead us along the lovely road to Kapunda...good bitumen, nice sweepers and great views.

Lunch was at the nice old Wheatsheaf Hotel in Allendale North. Good tucker and a warm dining area.

After lunch we rode over to Eudunda for fuel and then through Dutton to Truro and around the back of Nuriootpa and Tanunda to Bethany. Then along Gomersal Road (another nice run) into Gawler for end of ride at the Café Nova. More hot coffee and sitting in the sun.

Thanks Trevor for the brisk day. Great company and some very nice open road riding.

Most of us made our way home along (the now crippled by limited speed) Gawler-One Tree Hill Road and through One Tree Hill.

It wasn't till home that I realised how cold I had become (Bronwyn's and my steed today was the naked Vmax)...rugged up and shivering in front of the gas heater.

Good day, Fred


SABERS Biggles, Biplanes and Buddha 2016

Written by Webmin.

Biggles, Biplanes and Buddha

The forecast was for 39 in Adelaide, alarm bells were ringing, but after a look at the BOM website to find it would be cooler down south where we were heading, high 20s to low 30s with 33 at Strath, our lunch destination and a consult with Fred it was decided the ride would go on.

The ride was pretty well attended with 8 bikes and 11 people and it turned out to be a beautiful day. The temp did not get anywhere near as hot as predicted. We were riding in temps of the low 20s most of the time.

As we arrived at the Aldinga Airfield the Waco biplane landed. After coffee and cake we, thanks to Carol's negotiating skills, were given a guided tour of the biplanes by one of the business owners. She showed us the Waco biplane, the Great Lakes aerobatic biplane and an old 1942 Tiger Moth. This was an unexpected highlight of the day. These planes are all available for joy flights so if anyone is interested contact Adelaide Biplanes at adelaidebiplanes.com.au or 85565404.

We continued onto the Big Buddha, which is an impressive sight, for some peace and enlightenment. I don’t think it was successful because no one placed an order for a Moto Guzzi later in the day when we all made an impromptu visit to The Garage in Strath. so obviously no one achieved enlightenment.

It turned out to be Billies birthday so congratulations to him turning 18. His P plate broke off during the ride, somewhere between the Airfield and the Big Buddha and being a conscientious law abiding citizen, [ he remained on two wheels for the entire ride ] he went back looking for it. Fortunately he got back to us before we left the big Buddha.

We continued towards Strath on the scenic route via Hindmarsh Tiers Road, Currency Creek, Clayton, Milang, Lake Plains Road and through Langhorne Creek.

We had a nice little lunch at Jack’s Cafe in High St. and then since Fred wanted to get some gloves for Lyn we all wondered over to the Garage to have a browse around.

Fred didn’t get the gloves or a new bike [ Buddha didn’t enlighten him ] so the ride ended there and everyone went on their way home with, I hope, a smile on their faces after a pleasant day's outing.




SABERS Amberlight & Throttle Shed Cafes Run

Written by Fred Horvath.

Was nice to get out in some cooler weather. Five bikes and two pillions started the ride
from Stepney where the coffee was bad...! We
had a new member on his L’s. a visitor and Cookie joined us recovering
from injury for a short run on his immaculate Hayabusa...! The Blackbird was written off when a car did an
illegal u turn across its nose. Matt was
quite damaged but is working through getting back up to strength...could have
been a lot worse...

With the Tour Down Under action in the city today there was
less of the lycra brigade to practice passing distances with but there were
plenty of motorbikes out. We took some
different roads in a roundabout way to avoid most of Lobethal Road to get to
Lobethal from Norton Summit. These
included Knots Hill, Hunters, Collins Hill, Stentiford, Vickers and Tiers Roads
bringing us into Woodside from the east for a change. Our first planned stop was the Amberlight Café
but there were so many bikes we just continued on up the hill a bit to a quieter
café with a couple of lovely Velocettes out front. Cookie left us here to go and rest some.

From Lobethal we left the twisties behind us (to the relief
of the learner who while enjoying the challenge did welcome the respite) and
headed straight through Mount Torrens along the nice Terlinga Road. A left turn onto Randal Road brought us to
Birdwood where we had a satisfying lunch in the Bloomberg Hotel.

Our visitor left us here to tend to some washing while we
took Cromer, Lucky Hit, Martin Hill, Norsworthy and Hill Roads to Kersbrook...beautiful
countryside through here without traffic.
Then the usual run along Humbug Scrub (big prang on Kersbrook Road held
us up for a while) to the Throttle Shed in One Tree Hill. After some refreshers and general chit chat
we went off home our separate ways.

Thanks to Paul W for bringing up the tail and everyone else
for minding the turns.



SABERS 2016 Opening Ride

Written by Fred Horvath.

While the forecast for the Adelaide Plains was 38 degrees for today...down south where most of our riding was to be was looking at a maximum of 34. Eight riders with two pillions gathered at the OTR in Prospect. A first time visitor learner rider joined us today.

After the customary safety briefing we headed off up to Norton Summit. As may be expected with The Tour Down Under imminent we had many opportunities to practise leaving 1m and 1.5m spacing from cyclists. Fortunately none of us became a hood ornament on oncoming cars erroneously passing cyclists on blind continuous lined turns "when safe to do so".

From Norton Summit we headed to Clarendon via Crafers, Upper Sturt, Longwood, Cherry Gardens and Chandlers Hill. We picked up two more riders here, one a new visitor (so another briefing). Following some cooling refreshments at the shop we headed for lunch.

We skirted Kangarilla along Bakers Gully Road and later joined Wickham Hills Road to Range Road up to Willunga Hill. Through Mounts Compass and Jagged to Pambula Road…not so many pine cones as usual along here but a pigeon lost it’s collision with the max, my thigh and Trish’s knee…! Then along Hindmarsh Tiers Road to South Road and through Myponga to Yankalilla. More cooling refreshments and we picked from a large choice of pastries at the very popular Yankalilla Bakery.

After lunch we had a leisurely cruise down the coast past the beautiful Lady Bay to Delamere where after a brief fuel stop we headed for Victor Harbor. I expected the run along Range Road to be more windy and thankfully the rain showing on the weather radar on our phones stayed well south over the ocean. The downhill run into Victor was welcomingly cool. Another brief fuel stop for those whose tanks were larger and/or preferred a higher octane was had before heading back north.

Between Mounts Jagged and Compass we took Cleland Gully Road down to Bull Creek Road. Thankfully we all traversed the cow dung opposite the dairies and a layer of blue metal gravel at the Quarry Road intersection without incident. Through Ashbourne and further along we enjoyed more of Bull Creek Road to the ride’s end at the Meadows Bakery. Cool drinks, ice cream, coffee and reflection on the ride finished the day.

Thank you to Tony for bringing up the rear today and everyone for marshalling the corners. A safe and most enjoyable beginning to the year.

Good day



Trevs Old Tailem Town

Written by Trev.

The weather forecast of high twenties fine conditions was dampened by reported wet freeway and showers to the north- would I have to modify my planned long and winding route across the hills to our Old Tailem Town destination? 

 A final check of the weather radar showed no showers from the designated  Magill Rd BP meeting point (note to self- scratch this meeting point- NO COFFEE!) so six riders and three pillions headed straight up Old Norton Summit Rd, zigged across Range Rd to Summertown and onto Greenhill Rd, zagged down Swamp Rd- which is undergoing much needed resurfacing works, and was being watered down- the only wet road we would encounter, zigged onto Coldstore Rd/ Fox Creek Rd, zagged back to Lobethal, zigged onto  the Gumeracha Rd, zagged onto Burford Hill Rd and finally into Mt Torrens.

 We let our iron horses loose from Mt Torrens via Palmer to Murray Bridge for lunch break at McCues Bakery. From there it was a short ride to Old Tailem Town, where we spent 3 hours taking in reconstructed buildings from the South Australia's earliest colonial settlement, relocated country town buildings from the turn of the century complete with furnishings and effects, and many automobiles, farm machinery, fire engines etc gone to RIP, all having had a use and a history.

From our meander down memory lane we headed back up the freeway, exiting at Callington to take in the Princess Hwy route back across the hills to conclude our long and winding ride. 


Fred's General Store Run

Written by Fred.

The General Stores Run last year was popular.  Unfortunately our first go at it this year needed to be abandoned due to high temperature.  For take two the weather was perfect.

Four bikes and one pillion began the ride.  Again we took some lesser utilised and very twisty roads to our first stop the Upper Sturt General Store.  The two cruisers on the ride managed the tight and steep Pole Road ok.  A fifth bike met us here.  As last time the two ladies welcomed us to their unique shop…all sorts of quirky stuff with good food and coffee…a top spot to have a leg stretch.  No bikes needed to head home from here this time…!

A few more back way twisty scenic roads brought us out just south of Mylor onto the Strathalbyn Road.  On past Echunga to Meadows for a popular favourite…Bull Creek Road and then the also enjoyable Ashbourne Road to Strathalbyn.  Soon enough we were at the Finniss General Store for lunch.  A little hiccup with one of the orders…but no one went hungry…!

After a good long chat with lunch we headed on Cleland Gully Road (I love this one even though it is a bit stinky at times!) to Victor Harbour Road and into Willunga for our last General Store.  Some were all coffee’d out but were happy to wait and chat while a couple of us indulged.  This was end of ride so we made our farewells.

Some of us stayed together back through Kangarilla, Clarendon, Mount Lofty and down Greenhill Road to town.

Awesome shorter ride, great roads, excellent company and we were well fed.  A perfect SABERS ride day.

Good day, Fred


Fred's Run

Written by Fred.

SABERS Year Opening Ride for 2015



We delayed our first ride for this year due to the high temperature forecast for the Saturday.  Sunday turned out to be a beautiful day although a little windy down Victor Harbor way.

Eight bikes with two pillions heralded in the new year...members, a returning visitor and a new visitor.  I varied the start point to somewhere with COFFEE...since the BOTH the BP and the Shell fuel outlets opposite each other on the intersection of Magill and Portrush Roads in Trinity Gardens don't have coffee.  Opportunity for some extra business there for the first one to offer coffee again.  So then for my convenience we started from the new OTR (was Wild Bean Cafe) on Prospect Road.

There were not too many cyclists to manoeuvre around on Old Norton Summit Road and none coming down with impatient motorists passing them on our side of the road.  Plenty of tree debris from the winds though.  We passed the Cleland Wildlife Park on the east side and headed through Crafers to Upper Sturt.  Here I cut out the narrow, steep and winding Sturt Valley Road which was always a challenge for the longer bikes and the inexperienced in favour of Whitewood Drive...a nice example of pretty hills suburbia.  Soon enough we were through Cherry Gardens and down into Clarendon for a refresher at the shop and a toilet break back across the road.  I met some grey nomads from Holland here...they had a Vmax back home so apologies if the rest stop stretched out a bit.

We took Baker Gully Road then left off McLaren Flat Road up Wickhams Hill Road...a nice climb up to the top and then along Range Road (no problems with the Give Way sign this time!) and onto Victor Harbor Road.  Pambula Road had us dodging the usual pine cones and Hindmarsh Tiers Road was a joy.  Not unexpectedly there were a few slow vehicles on South Road but without drama we arrived in Yankalilla for lunch at the bakery.  Bad timing that was...!  The line up was out the door.  However the efficient staff managed it all and quickly enough we were filling up on pastry and yeast.

A quick run to Delamere and then we were buffeted by winds all the way to Victor Harbor.  The winds were more head on than cross so it wasn't too disconcerting.  A fuel stop at the Caltex and we were soon back on our way up Victor Harbor Road.  A right turn (a little corner marshalling hiccup here but no one got lost) before Mount Compass led us onto Cleland Gully Road...a favourite of mine...just watch the dairy cow crossings...!  After Ashbourne we stayed on Bull Creek Road into Meadows for end of ride at the bakery. The girls here lost my coffee order but it was rectified as soon as we pointed it out to them.

A top day, great weather, awesome roads and fabulous company.  Thank you to Tony for bringing up our tail and thanks to all the riders taking their turn at minding the corners for me.

Good day



Gladstone Gaol Ghostly Overnighter

Written by Paul.

...Heather and Tony arrived at our house just before 8:30 to collect the Esky and other assorted food and cooking essentials, We loaded the car and Sonya went with Heather to Civic Park, while Tony and I went to the servo to top up with fuel. Shortly after arriving the rain started to fall, lightning to flash an thunder to roll. Fred and Lyn, Paul and Carol and Arthur arrived shortly after. We studied assorted "weather apps" and determined if we just make it to around Gawler we'd be fine. At 9:30 we set off on what was a fairly uneventful ride... Until around 5 kilometers from Tanunda, the heavens opened. All drenched we stopped at the first shelter available in the Main Street to let the downpour end, only to be overtaken by what turned out to be group two of what was the three groups booked in to the Gaol,that night.
After thee black sky passed on we pushed on Tarlee for a stretch and comfort stop, then on to Clare for fuel and lunch in the "Middle Pub". The final stretch of the trip was had in around 38 degree heat and when we arrived at the Gaol we just wanted to unpack and relax... Heather decided to lock the keys in her car so she wouldn't lose them, and Paul, Carol and Arthur had other ideas and they suited up and rode to a nearby town (Caltowie) to check out the pub, apparently something Paul had been wanting to do for sometime.
The rest of us moved our bikes to the shed, food to the kitchen and belongings to our cells.
After a brief look around, we were informed there was a ghost tour later that night for an extra fee... sign us up. More on that later.
It was about that time the last of the three groups staying that night arrived, it was the group of Harley's (and 2 GS's) that had passed us in the main street of Tanunda, the second was already here, a group of giggling screaming 30 somethings.
Over the mid afternoon heat we decided to head down the local pub for refreshments, our other inmates on Harley's followed shortly after, and Paul, Carol and Arthur a few drinks later.
We headed back up the hill and to the "big kitchen" to prepare tea. After a bit of an argument with the stove we eventually got tea on the go, we had bought BBQ food as that was were we were to be cooking, but plans changed and actually turned out for the best. The next couple of hours were spend doing whatever, waiting until 9:30 for the ghost tour. It seems the Harley group, minus 2 had stayed at the pub and would be locked out until the end of the tour, some 2 hours later.
Hoping it was just our group of 9 and the 2 Harley boys on the tour was not to be, and we were joined by the giggling girls and boys of group 2.
The tour was led by 2 ladies who are also "mediums", this explains the "Tourette" type behavior talking to the old inhabitants for most of the tour. I can't help but think there was a lot of interesting information I missed because of group 2, and would like to do the tour again someday. Coming to an end at about 11:30, we all retired... at the same time all the boys returned from the pub, needless to say we didn't get to sleep straight away. We had a "Paranormal Activity" moment just as we had gone to bed with our light flashing on and off 3 times, apparently a phenomenon that Heather could explain. Something we can't explain is Sonya sensing what she thought was me at the end of the bed, only to find me snoring next to her, or the fact I have a bruise on my shin that I have no idea how it got there.
In the morning we all made our way to the kitchen at various intervals for breakfast, cleaned up and packed the bikes. A quick photo opportunity and then off to Crystal Brook, unfortunately no 98 petrol available so on to Snowtown. Coffee, drinks and petrol and a decent rest, then a push to Port Wakefield to the rides end.
Thanks to Heather for bringing the car and to the rest for coming.
Had a great time with great people regardless of the bizarre weather.
if we do it again, I urge you to join us.


Tony's Lunch at Port Vincent

Written by Tony Warner.

What a great day for a ride the temp. was around 22 deg.light breeze and scattered cloud . Seven bikes started the ride from Bolivar and we rode to Port Wakefield and stopped for fuel and a coffee , Steve left the ride and we headed for Kadina when passing through the town my GPS gave me bum steer and sent me down a dead end road ,  Sonya happily got some photo`s. We continued  on to Maitland for a quick fuel stop and Paul had a bit of a play in the dirt with his BMW . We left Maitland and got to the Curramulka turn off where we waited , no Paul & Sonya , i lost them thinking the worst i rang him he answered thank god , his first words were you buggers left me behind . Apparently we passed a police  4WD going in the other direction and apparently we were going a tad over the speed limit anyway to cut long story short the cops pulled over Paul because he was the last bike , they gave him breatho and a rego check and did not book him for speeding all good . We all met up in Port Vincent for lunch i found a park and noticed no Chris & Garby great i lost them to , he had to make quick stop because of a bee flew into his helment and stung him on his forehead , after a few tears he was ok . After lunch we made our way to Ardrossan for fuel and ended the ride at Port Wakfield . I would like to thank Paul & Sonya , Chris & Garby , Steve , Anton , Neville & Locky who has spent the last two years in Canada , welcome back . It was a great day .

Cheers Tony


Tony's Tough Butt Ride

Written by Tony Warner.

It was not the ideal riding conditions as the weather was a cool 19 degrees and quite windy, four bikes left Crafers at 8.30 am and rode to Talem bend where we met up with Paul & Carol.

After coffee and topped up with fuel we past the Coorong lakes on to Salt Creek where we had a short stop, then we continued on to Kingston for lunch we had fish & chips at a little sea food store by the beach.

Upon leaving Kingston we fuelled up and made our way to Keith and then on to Talem bend where the ride finished.

Apart from the windy conditions it was a good ride.
I would like to thank Paul , Carol , Neville & two visitors Ian and Kym for joining me on the tough butt ride.
Cheers Tony Warner.

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