Ian's Ride - Election Day

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September 7 2013- Election Day

This was also the day of my ride. When I woke up the first thing that I did was look outside and was pleased to see a coolish clear day.

On arrival at Civic Park there was already the Vice President and Tail-End Tony there. As the time ticked towards 9am another seven bikes rolled in making it ten of us setting off. Numbers were a bit down from last year but still a good showing.

This year I changed a few roads here and there, including a loop off Gorge Road to Paracombe before heading out on the Humbug Scrub Road to Gawler via the Scenic Route. In particular I avoided the corner on Gawler's main street which got us all through much easier as a group. (Hint, head behind the cinemas and run parallel to Murray Street along High Street and then turn left onto Lyndoch Road to head back onto the top end of Murray Street and out via Willaston).

At our first stop in Freeling we picked up another rider called Vic from out Long Plains way, who rode with us via a very nice secondary road (Tanunda Creek Road, mind that tricky left hander near the end) from near Menglers Hill through to Eden Valley till lunch time in Birdwood where some opted for a slow pub meal and others for some fast food from the bakery.

After lunch we made our way to Chain of Ponds and then to Cudlee Creek, slipping south along the Fox Creek Road across the ranges to drop down from the East along the upper reaches of Greenhill Road and head south onto Waterfall Gully Road where a few peeled off along the way .

The entry into Waterfall Gully this year was without incident as was the whole day, and weather and company was excellent.

Thank you to all of you that made my ride a success.

Ian A