Pete's Twisties Run 2012

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Seems I (or we) lucked out again with good weather for the ride, as foul weather was forecasted for later in the day, and as it worked out heavy rain next day.

Arriving early for the meet and found that half a dozen euphemists (sp) already waiting, always a good start. In total 21 bikes started (that’s 2 more than last year), and thanks to Tony W (and pillion) as tail end charlie.


Standard brief done its up and at ‘em, up Montacute Rd with a change in route from the previous year’s ride, and happily less bicyclists on the road this time.

I’m not going to give too many details of route etc, it’s something you need to experience. But I will say I did hit a sweet spot on the Lobbie Road.

Morning tea at Uraidla, and glad to see the big smiles on faces as the helmets came off and the stories started.

Onto Strath by the indirect method, where it’s early lunch for some and finally ended the ride at Mt Barker where I thought the car parking should have been easier than what it turned out to be. Oh well. Most stopped for their late lunch or a cuppa.

All up around 200kms, sorry I didn’t take note and 3 hours on the road.

I like to thank the people who turn up and hope to see you next time.