Archived Ride Reports


Ian's Ride - Election Day

Written by David Burne.

September 7 2013- Election Day

This was also the day of my ride. When I woke up the first thing that I did was look outside and was pleased to see a coolish clear day.

On arrival at Civic Park there was already the Vice President and Tail-End Tony there. As the time ticked towards 9am another seven bikes rolled in making it ten of us setting off. Numbers were a bit down from last year but still a good showing.

This year I changed a few roads here and there, including a loop off Gorge Road to Paracombe before heading out on the Humbug Scrub Road to Gawler via the Scenic Route. In particular I avoided the corner on Gawler's main street which got us all through much easier as a group. (Hint, head behind the cinemas and run parallel to Murray Street along High Street and then turn left onto Lyndoch Road to head back onto the top end of Murray Street and out via Willaston).

At our first stop in Freeling we picked up another rider called Vic from out Long Plains way, who rode with us via a very nice secondary road (Tanunda Creek Road, mind that tricky left hander near the end) from near Menglers Hill through to Eden Valley till lunch time in Birdwood where some opted for a slow pub meal and others for some fast food from the bakery.

After lunch we made our way to Chain of Ponds and then to Cudlee Creek, slipping south along the Fox Creek Road across the ranges to drop down from the East along the upper reaches of Greenhill Road and head south onto Waterfall Gully Road where a few peeled off along the way .

The entry into Waterfall Gully this year was without incident as was the whole day, and weather and company was excellent.

Thank you to all of you that made my ride a success.

Ian A


Gimme Shelter - David B's Birthday Ride

Written by David B.

"Oh, a storm is threat'ning, My very life today
If I don't get some shelter, Oh yeah, I'm gonna fade away"

Gimme Shelter – Jagger/Richards – The Rolling Stones

Saturday August 3 dawned dull and gloomy. I checked the forecast and it indicated the first half of the day wouldn't be too bad. I went outside and double checked. It was still misty and I wondered how many would turn up at Civic Park Modbury for the 10am departure.

About 8.30 the sun broke through and the skies cleared. Things were starting to look optimistic.

At 9.30 I arrived at Civic Park and David M and Tony W were already there, so I went to fuel up and returned. At that stage Marsupial Pete had arrived and I was feeling more optimistic.

At 10am seven of us headed off to Gawler via Golden Grove Road and then onto the Humbug Scrub Road for some winding sections that were still damp in patches, so as ride leader I proceeded with some caution. Then we hit the Gawler Scenic Route and were able to open up the taps a little as the roads were mainly dry, due to the strong easterly wind. Everywhere looked green and lush, and the scenery was a joy to see. At Gawler South we stopped at the bakery for morning tea.

After our replenishment we avoided the main drag at Gawler, which is exactly that – a real drag. Instead we headed via the overway bridge and out onto the bypass. I remember my first encounter with the overway bridge on a motorcycle, it was a Yamaha DS6 250 and it went over the bridge (which is essentially a suspended u-turn for those unfamiliar with it) like it was hinged in the middle. I reckon I took a half a dozen lines on that section on the old DS6. In comparison the Bandit handled it with aplomb - Japanese motorcycles and tyres sure have come a long way.

From the bypass we headed off towards Roseworthy College and then onto the Mallala Road. The side winds were not pleasant, but at least the sun was out, and the wheat and canola crops were looking very happy with the recent rain. The wheat was already over a foot high, so let's cross our fingers for the cockies and hope they have a bumper crop and the Aussie dollar stays below $1 US so they can bank some decent farm income.

Through Mallala we headed north towards Balaklava. Pretty straight running, this for some of the less sporty bikes was a welcome change from the regular diet of Hills running. Heading east off the Balaklava Road we headed to Owen and then Hamley Bridge. Passing the Hamley Oval I noted that the Two Wells Roosters were in battle against HB, so I gave a toot for the Roosters, Two Wells being my footy club for many years. The road to Stockport and then to Tarlee is a much overlooked stretch and well worth exploring, and we opened up the throttles a bit as we proceeded to Tarlee for a quick pit stop. The Marsupial left us then, courtesy of an alleged phone call requiring his presence back at work due to some network problem (so he said), but none of us believed him. General opinion was that he looked at the sky and decided to shoot through while the going was good. Be ready for some good-natured character assassination when you get a group of motorcyclists travelling together!

I'd forgotten how good the Tarlee to Kapunda road is, particularly the first half, and the rest of us swooped through enthusiastically ignoring the advisory speeds and getting into it a bit. Good fun.

A quick check with the boys at Kapunda to make sure everyone was good fuel-wise and then we headed south towards Gawler and then off to the left on the Greenock Road. It's an interesting road that one, as it has all these short runs joined by brief lateral sections. Odd. Makes you wonder if the surveyor was on the turps the week they did that one.......

It was still clear as we threaded through Greenock and waved to some happy looking kids on bicycles. Cruising along Stonewell Road we entered Tanunda from the west and scored some parks right in front of the chicken shop. Just as we started getting out of our gear the heavens opened up.

After stopping at the lolly shop for some fine Murray Valley Breweries cordial, we headed for the Tanunda Hotel for some good quality pub food and light refreshment.

Returning to our bikes Fred decided that the short walk had triggered the need for a pit stop, so whilst the rest of us waited for him to deal with that we donned our wet weather gear and headed home via Lyndoch. The roads were fully wet but well washed, so comparatively good grip was available as we left Lyndoch behind and headed around the reservoir towards Kersbrook. The plan was to fuel up there and then head to Caffe Buongiorno near TTP. Good plans spoiled by one simple complication – the pumps were all "out of order". So we pressed west on over the hills, hitting very heavy rain and foggy conditions, slowing our pace a bit.

At this point I figured some would be marginal for fuel, so I made the decision to deviate from the planned route and head back the One Tree Hill Road to Greenwith, where a servo sits.

Fuelling up, Fred's V-Max won the prize for least fuel left – he topped up with less than half a litre in the tank. A close run thing, but it all worked out in the end. The bloke in the servo thought we were bloody crazy to be out in the conditions, but it had been a good ride and we were all still dry inside our wet weather gear.

Off to the award winning Caffe Buongiorno  for some warming liquids and cake, and then we all said our farewells with many of us planning to go to the farewell bash being thrown for (and by) Tony and Gill Mace, two club stalwarts who I will miss both personally, and also as great contributors to the fabric of the club.

Dave B


Vintage Rice Burner Ride

Written by Tony M.

Vintage Rice-Burner Run

When you put your hand up to lead a ride a few things go through your head, what is the weather going to do, is anybody going to turn up
and what route to do that will please everybody, tough job but everybody should give it a go.

We rolled Daisy the Ducati out of the garage and accessed the weather app, which forecast more overcast conditions with a hint of rain that we expected would keep the numbers down. Gill and I turned up at the meeting point to find Tony W and Heather already there with their new Yamaha cruiser. As we have a bit of a chat more bikes turn up, getting to about 20 in total.
Not bad for a dodgy day.

After a slow ride through town we headed up Greenhill Road to Mount Lofty then down to Stirling, taking a few winding roads to McLaren Vale where we had morning tea at the Cottage Bakery. A great place and well worth checking them out if you are down that way.

With two extra riders joining in the fun, we headed up Willunga Hill very slowly thanks to a very bad cage driver. As soon as we got out of Mount Compass, BANG
a big wall of water hit us and we all got very wet very quickly. A quick stop to don our wet weather gear (better late than never) and then we headed off to Victor Harbour to grab fuel, a bite to eat and admire the great gathering off vintage Japanese motorcycles which brought back some fond memories of a misspent  youth. After a two-hour break we headed along the Delamere Road, fighting some serious side winds coming off the ocean, and then stopped at Delamere for a comfort stop and let some of the lighter riders catch up.

From there we followed the coastline as much as possible all the way to Port Noarlunga, which was our final destination, there we had refreshments, a long chat and a laugh about the day. We all said our goodbyes and headed home, some further than others.

Thank you to everybody that turned up and Tony W for being Tail End Charlie, Sonya for the photos (check out the website) and again everybody for the laughs and stories.

Tony M


Pre-AGM Ride

Written by Tony M.

Pre AGM Ride

I had put my hand up to lead the ride as this was the last time that I would lead a ride for the SABERS club. Forecast for the day was snow, hail, wind,
rain and cold. What is with the bloody weather and my luck? The last four rides that I have led have turned out to be wet.
Best be heading back to NZ for some drier conditions.....

I had booked the restaurant for 30 people, because the Haus in Hahndorf has a reputation for the best breakfast in SA and I did not want anybody
to miss out. Silly me. Four bikes (seven humans) and one car (one human) turned up to brave the weather, might have overestimated the numbers here. As it was so cold we just headed straight to Hahndorf and settled in to the restaurant for, yes, one of the best breakfasts in SA. The happy people at the Haus had prepared a private room for the SABERS group of thirty; they weren't that mad when only eight of us turned up as they were very busy and would have struggled with that many people.

After brunch Paul W led us through some of the less travelled roads. Some of us had not been on them before, and for others it had been a fair while, so this was good for a change. White Rd had a fair bit of vegetation all over the place which gave us good reason to tip toe through that section. We arrived at the Lady Daly a little early for the meeting but the fire was going, so nobody complained as it gave us time to thaw out before all the members arrived for the AGM.

The meeting was very productive and I think we have a great line up in the committee for this year to bring the club forward for many years to come, thank you to the previous committee for a great job and those that have moved on for different reasons I wish you all the best for the future.

On a personal note, this is the fifth year that Gill and I have been members of the SABERS motorcycle club and we have to say that it has been a good part of our life, this is a great club with fantastic people and we wish everybody past and present that we meet through the club (and I mean everybody) all the best for the future with a healthy life and many roads and trails that you get to explore.

Thank you SABERS and stay upright.

Tony M

PS it did not rain until we headed home after the AGM.


Robertstown Run

Written by Trevor.

The day dawned cold with occasional white cloud scudding on blue skies, five riders and two going by car meeting at Munno Parra for the much anticipated annual Robertstown Run. A phone call from Robertstown reported overnight torrential rain and flooding, but this seemed a world away from the sunshine we were basking in, and a consult of the weather radar showed a break in the rain in the direction we were heading, so seven travellers set off.

As we headed north towards the Clare Valley the skies darkened, but the sun continued to shine on us through a cloud break except for a brief shower as we passed through Rynie. By the time we stopped at Mintaro we needed the welcoming mugs of hot coffee for cold hands at the Teapot Inn, taking in the environs of the architecture of this turn of the century building constructed from the world famous Mintaro slate.
More wet weather clothing was the order of the day as we headed for our scheduled fuel stop at Burra, by which time we had ascended into fog and mist. The ride over the crest of the range revealed a sodden landscape, with rivers of water coursing across open ground and inches of water over the numerous flood ways of the Worlds End Highway

Sodden jackets were hung out to drip dry at the Robertstown Bowling club as seven of us enjoyed an intimate candle lit (Paula's IPhone image) lunch by the lake (flooded bowling green) of hearty country kitchen casseroles, mornay and au gratin, finishing with the much anticipated mint slice and green jelly cheese cake slices.
So it was homeward bound from there as we bypassed Eudunda, going via Dutton and onto the Sturt Hwy at Truro for the downhill run to the blue skies of Adelaide.


Fireside Chat Ride

Written by Fred.

We had terrific weather for this ride with about a dozen starters. Mark D had to duck off to find some chain lube but managed to return before we headed off. This ride took in some of my favourite northern hills roads and some new ones discovered with my new job.

After coffee at the Wild Bean Café Prospect start point we wandered through side streets over to Main North East Road & then across to Lower North East Road to Gorge Road. After enjoying the nice curves there hard left & up Torrens Hill Road we went. Onto Paracombe Road & then right on Lower North East Road again and then right through sleepy Houghton up & over Blackhill Road into Inglewood. Down North East Road then taking Range Road North and Seaview Road to an old favourite One Tree Hill Road, and then along the Gawler–One Tree Hill Road with it's beautiful views into Gawler for our first stop at Café Nova...breakfast for some.

Leaving Gawler up Calton Road we all managed to get safely past the radar gun, then right on Balmoral Road, a quick dogleg through Cockatoo Valley taking Pimpala Road and the Barossa Valley Highway through Rowland Flat, Bethany Road through...yes Bethany! Then Menglers Hill Road to our second stop at the Menglers Hill Sculptures.

Tanunda Creek, Flaxmans Valley and Mt Pleasant-Keyneton Roads took us through Eden Valley and Taunton to Springton. Right turn up another old favourite the Williamstown-Springton Road, left turn in Williamstown onto Victoria Terrace which became South Para Road and then Little Para Road to our lunch stop at the Kersbrook Tavern. Good food, table near the fireplace and a live band was enjoyed by us all. We could easily have called it a day there. Jason B lost the tip of his new bling bling foot brake somewhere...awkward rear braking for him.

We continued on Little Para Road to Chain of Ponds taking the Adelaide-Mannum Road to Inglewood again. A short squirt on Main North East Road before a hard left on Range Road South back across to Lower North East Road again. Through Vista, hard left at the roundabout, left again on Glynburn Road for end of ride at Café Primo.

A terrific day, great riding, fabulous views & good company.

Good day, Fred


Pete's Twisties Run 2013

Written by Pete.

Twisties Run

2nd Feb 2013


A much cooler gray day greeted the 12 riders that turned up for my Twisties ride for this year, a bit of a disappointment for a low turnout –but them are the breaks.

After a delayed start we headed off, up Montacute Rd where we ran into a light drizzle, and for a first for all the riders in doing a descent of the corkscrew in the rain.... (I’m still thinking of getting the t-shirts made up)

A split in the group at Houghton led too some confusion but nothing the mobile phones couldn't fix and the two groups would re-establish itself at Cafe Nova at Gawler – the first stop.

A nice relaxing cuppa and back on the road where we snaked our way through the hills to end at Otto’s Bakery Hahndorf. I chose to end the ride there, less distance than previous rides approx 150kms and a few hours in the saddle, easier going pace because of the dodgy weather, again thems the breaks...

I would like to thanks those that turned up and even more grateful that there was only 10 minutes of rain.

Hope to see ya next year.



Grampians Weekend Getaway 2012

Written by Fred C.

Well where do I start with this ride report ?

The planning for this trip, at least for me started some 8 months ago. I asked my better half if she would entertain the thought of coming along on this trip (I had an ulterior motive) when she answered YES ! I knew I was in with a shot at getting a new bike as there was no way she would endure the 1200 odd Ks perched on the postage stamp size pillion seat of my Daytona (picachu), so the hunt began and presto a triumph sprint quickly followed.

As usual we started packing on the morning of the departure,I had been away all week at work in Sydney and Simone had everything in neat piles on the dinning room table ready to be placed into the Pinions, yes I said Pinions, for some reason they have inherited this name ,as panniers, prior to this trip was not in Simone's vocabulary.

We loaded up the bike, hopped on to do the first 15 Ks to the meeting point at Stirling, beyond this,it was to going to be a mammoth effort as Simone had never really ventured further than about 50 Ks.

The warm greetings ensued and after a short while we saddled up for the next leg to the first stop for breakfast at Tailem Bend. The weather was fantastic if not a little warm, but at least it wasn't raining, Simone hung on to any thing resembling a grab bar, but was soon relaxed enough to put her arms out in the breeze and really enjoyed the experience, I even managed to get a shoulder massage. (when we were going in a straight line). By the time we had completed a few stops Simone was getting her riding gear on and off like a real pro.

We arrived at Horsham mid afternoon to pick up our supplies of food and beverages, loaded them in the support vehicle and embarked on the last stage of our journey for that day, the final leg through the mountains into halls gap was what we had all been anticipating for most of the trip, as usual it did not disappoint, there were some damp patches on the road, but for the most part it was dry and it had cooled down also.

Arriving at the pyramids we unloaded, refreshed, and headed off to a well deserved feed at the halls gap cricket club, yummy as usual. The rest of the night was pretty quiet for us at least, and we hit the sack, I don't remember my head hitting the pillow !

The next day was a free day, after a wonderful artery hardening BBQ breakfast, some of us headed off to the zoo, some went hiking , whilst others took the opportunity to just take it easy for the day, a tour of a local winery was also organised for the afternoon, the tour lasted about 1 1/2 hours and took us underground to the cellars with mould and all, if it is organised again next year and you missed out take the tour next time, you won't be disappointed. That evening another smorgasbord of fine salads and BBQ meats was enjoyed by all, of course followed by the obligatory war stories.

Monday morning came all too soon and again Simone and I left it until then to pack, we didn't want to be left behind (again) and we didn't want to miss yet another outstanding breakfast. Some great roads were had for the return trip, and this time it was a lot cooler, our main stop was at Naracoort for lunch, where we received yet another call from my starving daughter with the "eye infection" which miraculously had improved to an itchy eye by the time we got home. As we left Naracoort, the sky grew black as night, and we started to see oncoming traffic all with headlights on, and yes you guessed it, it started to pelt down, we were continuously updated by our resident weather girl that it was 36 degrees in Adelaide,and maybe we should remove the linings from our jackets, she neglected to tell us however that it was close to snowing in Keith. The rain was short lived and the temperature started to climb the closer we got Adelaide, we made our final stop at Tailem bend again and said our goodbyes as we all headed home with very fond memories of the weekend, this story would not be complete if I didn't thank all those at SABERS for organising such a memorable weekend away, the master chefs, the drivers, and the entire group that makes us who we are, as for Simone, she is already asking me when the next trips are planned,(I wonder if I can con another bike out of her) you are all are really great bunch and I look forward to many more rides in the future.

Fred and Simone


River Ramble 2012 - Sabers 5 Ferries

Written by Brenton.

The annual SABERS 5 Ferries our main fund raising event of the year was this year re named the River Ramble. This was done to allow a memorial ride in conjunction with the MRA SAMRATS in honour of Jock Rogan who passed away earlier in the year. As both clubs have a 5 Five Ferries ride in reverse directions it was agreed for 2012 only to make this concession out of respect for all of the work Jock had done for motorcycling in SA. He will be sadly missed.

That said the morning of the River Ramble was a bit cool and there was the threat of showers as we gathered at Civic Park. The numbers were down significantly on previous years with only 23 bikes making the start. It is unclear if this may have been due to the changed run title, weather or loss of interest in general.

The group that gathered however were looking forward to the run as usual and it was great the see Darren and Christie back for their first ride for ages due to Darren’s elbow injury. Hopefully they will be more regular attendees again.
The ride departed and made its way via Main North East Road through the hills to Mount Pleasant for the first stop. The old whistle Stop Café is now a Bakery and the pies and pasties are without doubt some of the best in Adelaide as was the coffee. A pity our resident coffee connoisseur in Peter Beilby was not along for the tick of approval.

We moved on then moved on to Sedan for a quick splash and dash with fuel and headed for the first river crossing at Swan Reach, crossing again at Walkers Flat where the resident punt operator made us welcome on his bike friendly craft being a keen motor cyclist himself.

Arriving at Mannum for lunch we were surprised to find the riverside kiosk had been demolished so it was up to the main drag for fodder.

A number of riders left us after lunch as we crossed the Murray again (that makes 3 now) headed for Murray Bridge and our main fuel stop. The selected fuel stop was out of High Octane fuel so we ventured into Murray Bridge Proper to fuel up at the servo at the intersection of Adelaide Road and Swanport Road. As we had all fuelled up, except for “The Pres”, we moved away from the congested pump area into the supermarket car park south of the servo and waited for Fred & Trish to join us. We waited and waited and finally someone pointed out “there goes Fred”. Obviously he had not seen us sneak of into the car park and was heading towards Jervois at a clip.

By the time we had all exited the car park to find there was no right turns onto Swanport Road and back tracked a couple of hundred metres and done the obligatory U-Turn in pursuit there was no sign of Fred who was making every effort to catch up to the group.

Oh well it was fun trying to catch Fred instead and we only succeeded at the Jervois Ferry, where vigorous debate about what had happened was entered into (in good fun).

After this crossing we made a right turn to Wellington without the usual fuel stop at Tailem Bend and upon arrival at the final crossing at Wellington we decided to travel straight through to Strathalbyn for a welcome coffee rather than stopping at Langhorne Creek. Our numbers had dwindled again at Murray Bridge and the six or eight bikes left were all keen to partake of something warming before calling it a day.

Arriving in Strathalbyn the remaining riders enjoyed coffee and cake in the High Street a fitting end to another great ride.

Thank you to all who attended and joined in the lucky numbers and donations which raised $375…not bad for a group around half of the usual attendance numbers.

Thank you also to Tony W and Heather, our stalwart TEC team.

The weather is starting to improve somewhat now so hopefully we will see more of you in coming months.



Peter B's Run 2012

Written by Peter B.

So, I have to say I am pretty fussy about my coffee…get it wrong and I will return it! Not today…awesome BP…one of the best latte's I have ever had!

I must also mention the modern toilet facilities…we all got cubicles and one of those new funky hand driers! 10 points for you today Mr BP.


Ian's Ride 2012

Written by admin.

There is a day in December known as THE RIDES PLANNING DAY, where some of us stick up our hands to lead SABERS rides.

I opted to do mine in the later part of the year due to a minor scheduled operation in the early part of the year.

When I took the ride on August seemed so far away. This gave me time to plan out different destinations, routes travelling different directions down commonly used roads.


Tony's Ride 2012

Written by admin.

All week the iPhone was saying shower's for Sunday, I was hoping that the phone would be wrong. Woke early, rushed outside and yippee blue sky, what does the iPhone know.

Got down to the Victoria hotel, sun shining and the clouds moving away. We were first, Paul and Sonya next, and then the bikes started to roll in with Brenton and Pete on their new toys, total 15 bikes, 3 Multistradas, 2 Bandits, 2 Harleys, 2 Spyders, the Crosstourer with the cool light's, the Green Machine, the boss' Vmax, the VFR, VTR and Battle Ship Galactica bringing up the rear.


Chris' Hills to Mallee Ride 2012

Written by admin.

Waking up this morning I didn’t know what to expect as I had been watching the weather radar all week on the B.O.M site to see what was going to happen. I also received a call from Brenton earlier regarding cancelling the ride but as it was only forecasting showers I decided that the ride would go on unless the forecast changed to rain. As it turned out the weather was great for a winter’s day with the sun out and no rain for the ride.

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