BreakfasRenmark01Oct2018 Clarendon04Aug2018 HorsingaroundMildura30Sep2018 Mannum01Sep2018 Williamstown16Sep2018

Breakfast in Renmark, 1st October 2018

Clarendon, 4th August 2018

Horsing around in Mildura, 30th September 2018

Mannum, 1st September 2018

Williamstown, 16th September 2018

Welcome to SABERS

Welcome to the website of SABERS, a social group of motorcyclists from South Australia.

SABERS - South Australian Bikers Events Rides & Socialising - is a social motorcycling enthusiast’s group. Our motto “We Just Want To Ride” sums SABERS up the best. We are not actively involved in the politics of riding and just enjoy the comradeship and pleasure our chosen activity affords us as a group. We welcome all riders, pillions, family and friends to join SABERS.

The group generally hold, weather permitting, one Saturday and one Sunday ride monthly. Rides can be a short 1/2 day run or full day runs. There is something for everyone with cornering runs through the Adelaide Hills and touring runs to various country locations within a day’s return ride of Adelaide.

Anyone is welcome to ride with us or attend our rides or social events. Please take a minute to read our Member Information and Safety Handbook.

Interested in becoming a SABERS member? Click here for more info.

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Adelaide, S.A.

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Humidity: 77%
Wind: N at 4.1 METER/SEC
Wednesday 14.41°C to 19.67°C Light rain
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Peterborough, SA

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Thursday 8.15°C to 23°C SP_WEATHER_SKY_IS_CLEAR
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Saturday 11.4°C to 27.15°C Few Clouds
Sunday 15.59°C to 29.7°C Overcast Clouds
Monday 16.32°C to 29.17°C SP_WEATHER_SKY_IS_CLEAR