SABERS Rides Policy

SABERS unlike some other clubs is not sponsored by any parent organisation or company which means all operational costs such as insurances and other administrative costs are covered by our members subscriptions. This is why we have a members only rides policy.

Visitors and potential members are welcome to attend three rides before applying for membership. This gives the opportunity for them and our members to assess how they fit with SABERS.

This policy does not apply to fund raising and remembrance rides. These rides will continue to be open to all who wish to share in fundraising for worthy causes and the memories of those to whom our remembrance rides are dedicated.

To provide a consistent and enjoyable experience for all who wish to join us for rides we have simple rules and guidelines.

With SABERS everyone has the right...

  • To ride in their own space.
  • To ride whatever type of motorcycle they choose.
  • To ride at a pace that is comfortable for them within the group.

To facilitate this all riders need to be of like mind to respect these ideals. A members only rides policy also encourages this culture.

All applications for membership must go before committee for approval as required by our constitution.