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Ian's Ride - Election Day

Written by David Burne on .

September 7 2013- Election Day

This was also the day of my ride. When I woke up the first thing that I did was look outside and was pleased to see a coolish clear day.

On arrival at Civic Park there was already the Vice President and Tail-End Tony there. As the time ticked towards 9am another seven bikes rolled in making it ten of us setting off. Numbers were a bit down from last year but still a good showing.

This year I changed a few roads here and there, including a loop off Gorge Road to Paracombe before heading out on the Humbug Scrub Road to Gawler via the Scenic Route. In particular I avoided the corner on Gawler's main street which got us all through much easier as a group. (Hint, head behind the cinemas and run parallel to

Gimme Shelter - David B's Birthday Ride

Written by David B on .

"Oh, a storm is threat'ning, My very life today
If I don't get some shelter, Oh yeah, I'm gonna fade away"

Gimme Shelter – Jagger/Richards – The Rolling Stones

Saturday August 3 dawned dull and gloomy. I checked the forecast and it indicated the first half of the day wouldn't be too bad. I went outside and double checked. It was still misty and I wondered how many would turn up at Civic Park

Vintage Rice Burner Ride

Written by Tony M on .

Vintage Rice-Burner Run

When you put your hand up to lead a ride a few things go through your head, what is the weather going to do, is anybody going to turn up
and what route to do that will please everybody, tough job but everybody should give it a go.

We rolled Daisy the Ducati out of the garage and accessed the weather app, which forecast more overcast conditions with a hint of rain that we

Pre-AGM Ride

Written by Tony M on .

Pre AGM Ride

I had put my hand up to lead the ride as this was the last time that I would lead a ride for the SABERS club. Forecast for the day was snow, hail, wind,
rain and cold. What is with the bloody weather and my luck? The last four rides that I have led have turned out to be wet.
Best be heading back to NZ for some drier conditions.....

I had booked the restaurant for 30 people, because

Robertstown Run

Written by Trevor on .

The day dawned cold with occasional white cloud scudding on blue skies, five riders and two going by car meeting at Munno Parra for the much anticipated annual Robertstown Run. A phone call from Robertstown reported overnight torrential rain and flooding, but this seemed a world away from the sunshine we were basking in, and a consult of the weather radar showed a break in the rain in the

Fireside Chat Ride

Written by Fred on .

We had terrific weather for this ride with about a dozen starters. Mark D had to duck off to find some chain lube but managed to return before we headed off. This ride took in some of my favourite northern hills roads and some new ones discovered with my new job.

After coffee at the Wild Bean Café Prospect start point we wandered through side streets over to Main North East Road & then

Pete's Twisties Run 2013

Written by Pete on .

Twisties Run

2nd Feb 2013


A much cooler gray day greeted the 12 riders that turned up for my Twisties ride for this year, a bit of a disappointment for a low turnout –but them are the breaks.

After a delayed start we headed off, up Montacute Rd where we ran into a light drizzle, and for a first for all the riders in doing a descent of the corkscrew in the rain.... (I’m still thinking

Grampians Weekend Getaway 2012

Written by Fred C on .

Well where do I start with this ride report ?

The planning for this trip, at least for me started some 8 months ago. I asked my better half if she would entertain the thought of coming along on this trip (I had an ulterior motive) when she answered YES ! I knew I was in with a shot at getting a new bike as there was no way she would endure the 1200 odd Ks perched on the postage stamp size

River Ramble 2012 - Sabers 5 Ferries

Written by Brenton on .

The annual SABERS 5 Ferries our main fund raising event of the year was this year re named the River Ramble. This was done to allow a memorial ride in conjunction with the MRA SAMRATS in honour of Jock Rogan who passed away earlier in the year. As both clubs have a 5 Five Ferries ride in reverse directions it was agreed for 2012 only to make this concession out of respect for all of the work Jock

Peter B's Run 2012

Written by Peter B on .

So, I have to say I am pretty fussy about my coffee…get it wrong and I will return it! Not today…awesome BP…one of the best latte's I have ever had!

I must also mention the modern toilet facilities…we all got cubicles and one of those new funky hand driers! 10 points for you today Mr BP.

Ian's Ride 2012

Written by admin on .

There is a day in December known as THE RIDES PLANNING DAY, where some of us stick up our hands to lead SABERS rides.

I opted to do mine in the later part of the year due to a minor scheduled operation in the early part of the year.

When I took the ride on August seemed so far away. This gave me time to plan out different destinations, routes travelling different directions down commonly used

Tony's Ride 2012

Written by admin on .

All week the iPhone was saying shower's for Sunday, I was hoping that the phone would be wrong. Woke early, rushed outside and yippee blue sky, what does the iPhone know.

Got down to the Victoria hotel, sun shining and the clouds moving away. We were first, Paul and Sonya next, and then the bikes started to roll in with Brenton and Pete on their new toys, total 15 bikes, 3 Multistradas, 2

Chris' Hills to Mallee Ride 2012

Written by admin on .

Waking up this morning I didn’t know what to expect as I had been watching the weather radar all week on the B.O.M site to see what was going to happen. I also received a call from Brenton earlier regarding cancelling the ride but as it was only forecasting showers I decided that the ride would go on unless the forecast changed to rain. As it turned out the weather was great for a winter’s day