Ride Reports

SABERS welcome all riders, pillions, family and friends to join our group. Anyone is welcome to ride with us or attend our rides or social events (please take a minute to read our RIDES POLICY). To sum us up in five words - we just want to ride!

As always, if you have photos of any of our rides you'd like to share, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (if possible please downsize to around 800x600 size).

For those who want to see it first ... the latest pictures and reports list:

SABERS Alan's Lake View ride

Written by Fred HORVATH on .


We had a marshalling glitch between the start and morning tea. And a technical glitch with the Relive recording...so no evidence!

The route.



Written by Fred HORVATH on .


Had fun trying to trace Alan's popular hills ride in reverse...I think the original worked much better...


Click here for the route.