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Oxford Hot Grips (Sport)

I have had my set of Oxford Hot Grips (Sport) on my 1250 Suzuki bandit for the last three winters, and have found them invaluable. Although Adelaide winters are not that cold – occasional mornings down to 4 or 5 degrees Celsius – navigating commuter traffic with warm responsive hands is a must. I find I can wear medium weight gloves on even the coldest days and rarely have to have my grips on

Rescue tape

Stretch, Wrap, & GET RESCUED!™
700psi! ~ 8,000 Volts! ~ 260C Degrees!
The ORIGINAL Rescue Tape® is the strongest self-fusing silicone repair product with infinite uses.
Used by the US Military for years, this is the most versatile and easy to use emergency and all-purpose repair product available. By just stretching Rescue Tape® and wrapping around any project onto itself, Rescue

Venture Battery Heated Gloves

Venture (Epic Series) Battery Heated Gloves

Why Heated Gloves?
After my trusty heated hand grips finally gave up the ghost after 7 years a few mates said heated gloves were well worth the investment. So I decided to try them. When I first saw these gloves advertised I thought they’d be cumbersome, chunky and stiff. But they are surprisingly very soft and flexible.

They’re ergonomically

Oxford Hot Grips


Oxford Hot Grips

When I took up riding again living in Canberra, I couldn’t believe how freakishly cold it would get on the bike. Getting ready for my first trip to Phillip Island, I was whinging about how bloody cold it was even with all the best gear on, and then one of my mates said ‘here give me your hand I’ll put it somewhere warm ....’ and he put my hand on his (cough) grip. Well

Renapur Balsam

Renapur Balsam –



What is it?

The BEST and EASIEST leather conditioner you’ll ever come by. It takes seconds to treat your gear. It definitely prolongs the life of my leather boots, gloves, jacket (and heaps of other non-bike related things). It’s especially great for reviving old cracked stiff jackets, pants, boots, gloves, or gear that’s gotten soaked and become brittle as

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