Upcoming Rides

For safety reasons, if the forecast temperature for the ride day is greater than 35oC, the ride will be cancelled. For more information on any ride, please contact the Rides Coordinator. More details will be added closer to the runs. Please start all rides with a full tank of fuel.

07 Aug 2021 09:00AM -
SABERS Mel’s ride for lunch in Victor...
22 Aug 2021 09:00AM -
SABERS Alan's lunch in Eden...
04 Sep 2021 08:30AM -
SABERS Tony's Run to Peterborough...
19 Sep 2021 09:30AM -
SABERS Trish's last ride...

Committee Meetings

Committee Meetings are usually held on the 4th Mon of every second month. All members are welcome to attend the committee meetings. Please contact the Secretary before the meeting to confirm details of where and when the meeting is to be held.

No events


To assist with the planning and budgeting for overnighter rides, we will try to post detailed information on future Overnighters as soon as it comes to hand.

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Other Events

All other events.

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