About Us

SABERS - South Australian Bikers Events Rides & Socialising - is a social motorcycling enthusiast’s group.

Our motto “We Just Want To Ride” sums SABERS up the best. We are not actively involved in the politics of riding and just enjoy the comradeship and pleasure our chosen activity affords us as a group.

We welcome riders of all ages and abilities, pillions, family and friends to join SABERS.

Anyone is welcome to ride with us or attend our rides or social events. SABERS rides are set up in such a way that all riders of any skill level will enjoy the experience, knowing that their safety is paramount to our organisers and members.

The group generally hold, weather permitting, one Saturday and one Sunday ride monthly. Rides can be a short 1/2 day run or full day runs. There is something for everyone with cornering runs through the Adelaide Hills and touring runs to various country locations within a day’s return ride of Adelaide.

Most rides however have a bit of everything and we try to vary the routes and stops as much as possible to ensure that we aren’t doing the same rides over and over again.

We also plan a couple of overnight rides annually as well and we participate in a number of other clubs events such as the Pink Ribbon Ride.

Input from our members is encouraged, we listen and act on this input. In this way we are able to use this information to keep rides interesting and enjoyable for all.

SABERS is also a strong supporter of charitable organisations and we select a “cause” at each annual Rides Planning Day to which all members are invited not only to plan the next years rides calendar but to select a charity to which our fund raising contributions will be donated for the next twelve months. SABERS has supported charities such as the Leukaemia Foundation and the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.

Please feel welcome to join us on our next ride which is listed below in our Upcoming Events.

You are able to attend three rides with SABERS as a visitor before we ask you to make a decision on taking out membership. We hope it doesn’t take you that long to decide SABERS is the right group for you.

Come along and join us.