Pete's Twisties Run 2013

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Twisties Run

2nd Feb 2013


A much cooler gray day greeted the 12 riders that turned up for my Twisties ride for this year, a bit of a disappointment for a low turnout –but them are the breaks.

After a delayed start we headed off, up Montacute Rd where we ran into a light drizzle, and for a first for all the riders in doing a descent of the corkscrew in the rain.... (I’m still thinking of getting the t-shirts made up)

A split in the group at Houghton led too some confusion but nothing the mobile phones couldn't fix and the two groups would re-establish itself at Cafe Nova at Gawler – the first stop.

A nice relaxing cuppa and back on the road where we snaked our way through the hills to end at Otto’s Bakery Hahndorf. I chose to end the ride there, less distance than previous rides approx 150kms and a few hours in the saddle, easier going pace because of the dodgy weather, again thems the breaks...

I would like to thanks those that turned up and even more grateful that there was only 10 minutes of rain.

Hope to see ya next year.