Robertstown Run

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The day dawned cold with occasional white cloud scudding on blue skies, five riders and two going by car meeting at Munno Parra for the much anticipated annual Robertstown Run. A phone call from Robertstown reported overnight torrential rain and flooding, but this seemed a world away from the sunshine we were basking in, and a consult of the weather radar showed a break in the rain in the direction we were heading, so seven travellers set off.

As we headed north towards the Clare Valley the skies darkened, but the sun continued to shine on us through a cloud break except for a brief shower as we passed through Rynie. By the time we stopped at Mintaro we needed the welcoming mugs of hot coffee for cold hands at the Teapot Inn, taking in the environs of the architecture of this turn of the century building constructed from the world famous Mintaro slate.
More wet weather clothing was the order of the day as we headed for our scheduled fuel stop at Burra, by which time we had ascended into fog and mist. The ride over the crest of the range revealed a sodden landscape, with rivers of water coursing across open ground and inches of water over the numerous flood ways of the Worlds End Highway

Sodden jackets were hung out to drip dry at the Robertstown Bowling club as seven of us enjoyed an intimate candle lit (Paula's IPhone image) lunch by the lake (flooded bowling green) of hearty country kitchen casseroles, mornay and au gratin, finishing with the much anticipated mint slice and green jelly cheese cake slices.
So it was homeward bound from there as we bypassed Eudunda, going via Dutton and onto the Sturt Hwy at Truro for the downhill run to the blue skies of Adelaide.