Pre-AGM Ride

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Pre AGM Ride

I had put my hand up to lead the ride as this was the last time that I would lead a ride for the SABERS club. Forecast for the day was snow, hail, wind,
rain and cold. What is with the bloody weather and my luck? The last four rides that I have led have turned out to be wet.
Best be heading back to NZ for some drier conditions.....

I had booked the restaurant for 30 people, because the Haus in Hahndorf has a reputation for the best breakfast in SA and I did not want anybody
to miss out. Silly me. Four bikes (seven humans) and one car (one human) turned up to brave the weather, might have overestimated the numbers here. As it was so cold we just headed straight to Hahndorf and settled in to the restaurant for, yes, one of the best breakfasts in SA. The happy people at the Haus had prepared a private room for the SABERS group of thirty; they weren't that mad when only eight of us turned up as they were very busy and would have struggled with that many people.

After brunch Paul W led us through some of the less travelled roads. Some of us had not been on them before, and for others it had been a fair while, so this was good for a change. White Rd had a fair bit of vegetation all over the place which gave us good reason to tip toe through that section. We arrived at the Lady Daly a little early for the meeting but the fire was going, so nobody complained as it gave us time to thaw out before all the members arrived for the AGM.

The meeting was very productive and I think we have a great line up in the committee for this year to bring the club forward for many years to come, thank you to the previous committee for a great job and those that have moved on for different reasons I wish you all the best for the future.

On a personal note, this is the fifth year that Gill and I have been members of the SABERS motorcycle club and we have to say that it has been a good part of our life, this is a great club with fantastic people and we wish everybody past and present that we meet through the club (and I mean everybody) all the best for the future with a healthy life and many roads and trails that you get to explore.

Thank you SABERS and stay upright.

Tony M

PS it did not rain until we headed home after the AGM.