Peter B's Run 2012

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So, I have to say I am pretty fussy about my coffee…get it wrong and I will return it! Not today…awesome BP…one of the best latte's I have ever had!

I must also mention the modern toilet facilities…we all got cubicles and one of those new funky hand driers! 10 points for you today Mr BP.


I must also say that I had run into Pete (blue VFR Pete) at Peter Stevens the day before. Anyway, so there was Pete and I (Pete) at Peter Stevens (:O) shopping for 'stuff' and we got talking about the route…thankfully Pete mentioned that there was flooding over the road just past Langhorne creek…good call Pete, I made some calls and checked the route out at various spots (bakeries…too many bakeries!)…all good

Anyway, moving on...So, we had around 15 ((inc 3 visitors (Sharon, Gary and Alan) - very sociable they were and we hope to see them again!)) who braved the early morning conditions, short a few of the regulars who were away for a variety of reasons (I understand, it’s ok to sleep in)...and of course our lovely pillions Heather and Sonya!

First off, slowly up my favourite road (Montacute)…it was quite moist and a little foggy on top, but nonetheless had some dry patches on which we could check the tyres were ok...stage 1 done and we hadn't lost anyone at any corners yet.
From there we drifted slowly and peacefully through Uraidla, Bridgewater, Verdun, Oakbank (I did cut out a couple of mystery roads as I had concerns about water through the back area of Oakbank - oh well, save them for the rides planning day).
So far so good, no rain to hear or see of...anyway, just as we crossed through to Mt Torrens, the sun decided to pop on out (almost on queue) and make our journey a very pleasant and enjoyable one through to Mt Pleasant for the first stop. I do recall at one point, there was some crazy guy on a red can-am pointing at his crutch and saying something like...need wee wee...well, I think that is what he said.

Alli somehow justified the purchase of the most excessive morning tea slice I have ever seen! Nonetheless I was very jealous (and also of her battery powered heated gloves!). We had a 25 minute break (especially for that strange man on the red can-am), talked about motorbikes strangely enough, then we loaded up and prepared for what I can only describe as the nicest, most pleasant, sunny, no wind and uninterrupted run over Walkers Flat that I have ever had...I did of course have a few taggers behind me and in hindsight I should have pointed the video camera backwards...silly me, I would have captured Paul and Sonya checking out my rear By the way, doesn't Paul look like a Bumblebee with the helmet the lid.
The Weather in Mannum was lovely (no flies, slightly cloudy, about 16 degrees I would have guessed). The Murray Princess was berthed there and brought back memories from my childhood I must admit. We had an hour for lunch and people wafted off to their usual locations for a bite and lazed about on the grass.

After lunch (and a flood check phone call) we headed off to Langhorne Creek via Brinkley and Mulgundawa. We rolled through at the speed limit of course and kept an eye out for bigger than normal puddles. We had about 30 seconds of very little rain drops and that was it. We re-gathered and then headed off to Strath dodging a few puddles on the way, but nothing that would have stopped us in our tracks.

At Strath we met up with Gill and Tony Mace (they were out looking at antiques and I believe Gill was having trouble walking away from a purchase)...I was thinking about ending the ride there, but the Sun was begging us to continue! So, we did through to, Tony and Heather beat the majority of us there!...ummmm, Bull Creek aint Paris Creek Road people's! We obviously had confusion in the main street due to traffic in Strath. We didn't lose anyone though.

Time was 3ish, quick hot chocolate, kisses and byes to all at around 3.30pm. Thanks also to our visitor riders. They gave some good feedback and enjoyed themselves when I chatted with them. Hopefully they come again!

...right, my fuel remaining says 65kms left...hmmmmm, I wonder if I can make it home (better switch to URBAN mode now, hmmmmm, stuff that, straight back to TOURING mode and 150horses)...home with 8kms of fuel left on the clock (Total 310kms)...thank god!