Ian's Ride 2012

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There is a day in December known as THE RIDES PLANNING DAY, where some of us stick up our hands to lead SABERS rides.

I opted to do mine in the later part of the year due to a minor scheduled operation in the early part of the year.

When I took the ride on August seemed so far away. This gave me time to plan out different destinations, routes travelling different directions down commonly used roads.


Then some weeks ago Mr Rides Coordinator was on the blower wanting to know all the finer details. This is when I knew it was here sooner than I thought it would be, that’s both a cliché and literally as my ride was brought forward 2 weeks.

Anyway I did the pre run, sent Brenton the details and as I hadn’t broken any bones from crashing 50cc scooters this year it was all go.

The meeting point was at Civic Park at 9 for a 10 set off. The ride up there was quite foggy and drizzly. I wondered if there would be anyone there at all.

On arrival however there were numerous bikes and 2 Spiders totalling 17 riders and a few pillions, which for me was encouraging to see.

We took off up North East road and onto Anstey Hill where I thought it was going to pick up an unplanned pillion passenger. He was 6 foot tall disorientated heading straight for me; I should mention he was a grey kangaroo. While I didn’t plan on a regroup just 6 km into ride, I needed to know he hadn’t taken any one out and more importantly the re compose myself.

After that we headed of to Gawler through back roads and regrouped again before the main street as Gawler can be bedlam that time on a Saturday morning. We meandered on through the main street on to Willaston & onto the Thiele Hwy, then into Freeling for the first planned stop.

We then headed off past Daveyston on to Greenock, Nuriootpa to Tanunda for a fuel stop.

A tour of the Barossa followed and then a left turn at Sandy Creek through Williamstown to Birdwood for lunch where everyone opted for the pub meal.

We were joined for lunch by David our new merchandise coordinator.

After lunch we travelled from Birdwood on through Chain of Ponds then zigzagging to the top of Greenhill Road down into Waterfall Gully where in the dying moments TEC (Tony) had an incident with a jay walking pedestrian/tourist in the car park and had that big beautiful Yamaha (Battlestar Galactica) bite the bitumen.

At first it didn’t seem that bad, but things have taken a turn for the worse as I have since heard repairs are going to be around $10k. Thankfully Tony is insured.

Notwithstanding the unfortunate end, all in all we had a good day.

Thank you to all of the marshals and of course Tony as TEC.

I also was very pleased that many on the ride complimented me on my route. This certainly gives me encouragement to take on another ride next year.
Ian Armstrong