SABERS General Stores Run

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SABERS General Stores Run Sunday 26th October 2014

This ride was in lieu of the Southern Yorke Peninsula Run postponed to next year.  We didn't travel anywhere near as far but we did see some new roads and an interesting shop and had a great feed for lunch.

7 bikes, 2 with pillions braved the ordinary forecast...33 degrees with possible shower...yes we did get wet but not enough to break out the wet weather gear.

On the first leg to the Upper Sturt General Store my GPS navigator lost the plot (because it's operator is still coming to grips with importing data to it and getting it's settings right!) so we didn't get to the end of Unley Road how I had planned but other that and one u turn we managed to stay true to at least the hills part of this leg.  This where we got the most wet so the store was a welcome haven.  The shop is a bit of a Tardis...on entry it looks cramped but what a journey of discovery to get to the tables out back...!  Very friendly ladies, good coffee and cake plus some shopping were enjoyed here.  While the others were exploring this Tardis I reset the navigator and crossed fingers for not having to wing the rest of the run.  Our visitor left us here to limp home with quite a bad oil leak (followed up with him later, home safe and appears the issue was overfilling the oil, better safe home than sorry on the road though)...hope to see him again soon.

From Upper Sturt we took some more of the less travelled roads to get out of the hills.  Got a bit held up on Bull Creek Road behind car traffic but admirable restraint was displayed by us all and we were soon skirting the edge of Strathalbyn on our way to Finniss.

The General Store here is more about food than things general.  Nice restored rooms, friendly ladies and awesome food.  I can recommend the "Fred's Burger" which of course I had to try.  You won't go hungry here and all we consumed was most tasty.  Service was very prompt.  Highly recommended.

A quick squirt along Cleland Gully Road (I found something quite slippery along here...I suspect related to dairy...!) and we were quite soon in Willunga at our last General Store for the day...good coffee here (no room in our bellies to try any food!) to end our run.

As usual, great riding along some roads discovered while navigating the poo van for work, great food and excellent company.  Thank you to Tony for being our keeper of the tail and thanks everyone for taking their turn at corner marshalling.

November there are three rides:

1. Tony's Tough Butt run to Kingston SE on Saturday the 1st.

2. Our annual ride to the Gawler Motorcycle Expo on Sunday the 10th.

3. Paul S' Gladstone Jail overnighter weekend of the 22nd and 23rd.

Cheers, Fred