Tony's Lunch at Port Vincent

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What a great day for a ride the temp. was around 22 deg.light breeze and scattered cloud . Seven bikes started the ride from Bolivar and we rode to Port Wakefield and stopped for fuel and a coffee , Steve left the ride and we headed for Kadina when passing through the town my GPS gave me bum steer and sent me down a dead end road ,  Sonya happily got some photo`s. We continued  on to Maitland for a quick fuel stop and Paul had a bit of a play in the dirt with his BMW . We left Maitland and got to the Curramulka turn off where we waited , no Paul & Sonya , i lost them thinking the worst i rang him he answered thank god , his first words were you buggers left me behind . Apparently we passed a police  4WD going in the other direction and apparently we were going a tad over the speed limit anyway to cut long story short the cops pulled over Paul because he was the last bike , they gave him breatho and a rego check and did not book him for speeding all good . We all met up in Port Vincent for lunch i found a park and noticed no Chris & Garby great i lost them to , he had to make quick stop because of a bee flew into his helment and stung him on his forehead , after a few tears he was ok . After lunch we made our way to Ardrossan for fuel and ended the ride at Port Wakfield . I would like to thank Paul & Sonya , Chris & Garby , Steve , Anton , Neville & Locky who has spent the last two years in Canada , welcome back . It was a great day .

Cheers Tony