Gladstone Gaol Ghostly Overnighter

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...Heather and Tony arrived at our house just before 8:30 to collect the Esky and other assorted food and cooking essentials, We loaded the car and Sonya went with Heather to Civic Park, while Tony and I went to the servo to top up with fuel. Shortly after arriving the rain started to fall, lightning to flash an thunder to roll. Fred and Lyn, Paul and Carol and Arthur arrived shortly after. We studied assorted "weather apps" and determined if we just make it to around Gawler we'd be fine. At 9:30 we set off on what was a fairly uneventful ride... Until around 5 kilometers from Tanunda, the heavens opened. All drenched we stopped at the first shelter available in the Main Street to let the downpour end, only to be overtaken by what turned out to be group two of what was the three groups booked in to the Gaol,that night.
After thee black sky passed on we pushed on Tarlee for a stretch and comfort stop, then on to Clare for fuel and lunch in the "Middle Pub". The final stretch of the trip was had in around 38 degree heat and when we arrived at the Gaol we just wanted to unpack and relax... Heather decided to lock the keys in her car so she wouldn't lose them, and Paul, Carol and Arthur had other ideas and they suited up and rode to a nearby town (Caltowie) to check out the pub, apparently something Paul had been wanting to do for sometime.
The rest of us moved our bikes to the shed, food to the kitchen and belongings to our cells.
After a brief look around, we were informed there was a ghost tour later that night for an extra fee... sign us up. More on that later.
It was about that time the last of the three groups staying that night arrived, it was the group of Harley's (and 2 GS's) that had passed us in the main street of Tanunda, the second was already here, a group of giggling screaming 30 somethings.
Over the mid afternoon heat we decided to head down the local pub for refreshments, our other inmates on Harley's followed shortly after, and Paul, Carol and Arthur a few drinks later.
We headed back up the hill and to the "big kitchen" to prepare tea. After a bit of an argument with the stove we eventually got tea on the go, we had bought BBQ food as that was were we were to be cooking, but plans changed and actually turned out for the best. The next couple of hours were spend doing whatever, waiting until 9:30 for the ghost tour. It seems the Harley group, minus 2 had stayed at the pub and would be locked out until the end of the tour, some 2 hours later.
Hoping it was just our group of 9 and the 2 Harley boys on the tour was not to be, and we were joined by the giggling girls and boys of group 2.
The tour was led by 2 ladies who are also "mediums", this explains the "Tourette" type behavior talking to the old inhabitants for most of the tour. I can't help but think there was a lot of interesting information I missed because of group 2, and would like to do the tour again someday. Coming to an end at about 11:30, we all retired... at the same time all the boys returned from the pub, needless to say we didn't get to sleep straight away. We had a "Paranormal Activity" moment just as we had gone to bed with our light flashing on and off 3 times, apparently a phenomenon that Heather could explain. Something we can't explain is Sonya sensing what she thought was me at the end of the bed, only to find me snoring next to her, or the fact I have a bruise on my shin that I have no idea how it got there.
In the morning we all made our way to the kitchen at various intervals for breakfast, cleaned up and packed the bikes. A quick photo opportunity and then off to Crystal Brook, unfortunately no 98 petrol available so on to Snowtown. Coffee, drinks and petrol and a decent rest, then a push to Port Wakefield to the rides end.
Thanks to Heather for bringing the car and to the rest for coming.
Had a great time with great people regardless of the bizarre weather.
if we do it again, I urge you to join us.