SABERS Amberlight & Throttle Shed Cafes Run

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Was nice to get out in some cooler weather. Five bikes and two pillions started the ride
from Stepney where the coffee was bad...! We
had a new member on his L’s. a visitor and Cookie joined us recovering
from injury for a short run on his immaculate Hayabusa...! The Blackbird was written off when a car did an
illegal u turn across its nose. Matt was
quite damaged but is working through getting back up to strength...could have
been a lot worse...

With the Tour Down Under action in the city today there was
less of the lycra brigade to practice passing distances with but there were
plenty of motorbikes out. We took some
different roads in a roundabout way to avoid most of Lobethal Road to get to
Lobethal from Norton Summit. These
included Knots Hill, Hunters, Collins Hill, Stentiford, Vickers and Tiers Roads
bringing us into Woodside from the east for a change. Our first planned stop was the Amberlight Café
but there were so many bikes we just continued on up the hill a bit to a quieter
café with a couple of lovely Velocettes out front. Cookie left us here to go and rest some.

From Lobethal we left the twisties behind us (to the relief
of the learner who while enjoying the challenge did welcome the respite) and
headed straight through Mount Torrens along the nice Terlinga Road. A left turn onto Randal Road brought us to
Birdwood where we had a satisfying lunch in the Bloomberg Hotel.

Our visitor left us here to tend to some washing while we
took Cromer, Lucky Hit, Martin Hill, Norsworthy and Hill Roads to Kersbrook...beautiful
countryside through here without traffic.
Then the usual run along Humbug Scrub (big prang on Kersbrook Road held
us up for a while) to the Throttle Shed in One Tree Hill. After some refreshers and general chit chat
we went off home our separate ways.

Thanks to Paul W for bringing up the tail and everyone else
for minding the turns.