SABERS Biggles, Biplanes and Buddha 2016

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Biggles, Biplanes and Buddha

The forecast was for 39 in Adelaide, alarm bells were ringing, but after a look at the BOM website to find it would be cooler down south where we were heading, high 20s to low 30s with 33 at Strath, our lunch destination and a consult with Fred it was decided the ride would go on.

The ride was pretty well attended with 8 bikes and 11 people and it turned out to be a beautiful day. The temp did not get anywhere near as hot as predicted. We were riding in temps of the low 20s most of the time.

As we arrived at the Aldinga Airfield the Waco biplane landed. After coffee and cake we, thanks to Carol's negotiating skills, were given a guided tour of the biplanes by one of the business owners. She showed us the Waco biplane, the Great Lakes aerobatic biplane and an old 1942 Tiger Moth. This was an unexpected highlight of the day. These planes are all available for joy flights so if anyone is interested contact Adelaide Biplanes at or 85565404.

We continued onto the Big Buddha, which is an impressive sight, for some peace and enlightenment. I don’t think it was successful because no one placed an order for a Moto Guzzi later in the day when we all made an impromptu visit to The Garage in Strath. so obviously no one achieved enlightenment.

It turned out to be Billies birthday so congratulations to him turning 18. His P plate broke off during the ride, somewhere between the Airfield and the Big Buddha and being a conscientious law abiding citizen, [ he remained on two wheels for the entire ride ] he went back looking for it. Fortunately he got back to us before we left the big Buddha.

We continued towards Strath on the scenic route via Hindmarsh Tiers Road, Currency Creek, Clayton, Milang, Lake Plains Road and through Langhorne Creek.

We had a nice little lunch at Jack’s Cafe in High St. and then since Fred wanted to get some gloves for Lyn we all wondered over to the Garage to have a browse around.

Fred didn’t get the gloves or a new bike [ Buddha didn’t enlighten him ] so the ride ended there and everyone went on their way home with, I hope, a smile on their faces after a pleasant day's outing.