SABERS Heather's tell Tony where to go! August 2017

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Due to the awful weather forecast we postponed the ride from Saturday the 5th to the 12th. As it turned out the bad weather came much later in the day and we may have got away with it although it would have been quite cold.

Five bikes were waiting when Lyn and I arrived at the start point...for some reason I thought it was the other side of South Road and so we discovered that going left does not get you back to what you just missed...! Tony (without Heather...!), father and son Alan & Jeff, another Geoff and Andre had a good laugh at my expense. Tony must have got a serious telling off to be sent off on his own but he knuckled down to the task and we were promptly on our way.

The lovely morning highlighted beautiful gardens and pastures on our way to Ashbourne. My back was giving me some grief so I was quite happy to saunter along at the back of the group. In Ashbourne at the Greenman Inn we were met by Paul and Carol. Our hosts soon had us coffeed and juiced up. Geoff, Jeff and Alan tucked into some great looking and smelling breakfast as they were leaving the ride here. The rest of us saved it for lunch.

Tony lead us down to near Victor Harbor with a bit of help from Andre to get around the back of Port Elliot. Then Tony took us on some less travelled back roads with awesome scenery to Inman Valley. The roads were a bit lumpy for my liking...the way too softly sprung Goldwing bouncing all over the place. But going slow and steady was rewarded with fantastic views.

The Glacier Rock lunch stop was not be as they were booked out. No matter...The Woodshed in Inman Valley was very wellcoming. We enjoyed local produce cooked locally...very nice. The owner said that last Saturday when he left to go home the hail was so bad he had to pull over and stop...not motorcycling weather...glad we pulled the pin on it.

From lunch we headed across to Bracegirdles in McLaren Vale taking in more of the fabulous Fleurieu Peninsula along the way. Lyn & I left the ride here.

Thanks Heather (in absentia) and Tony for a great day.