Ride details for Paul's Puzzle ride updated...

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My ride is no longer a puzzle, we are going to visit the Middle East.
Toilet stop at Woodside or Monarto, or maybe both, depending on how my bladder is behaving.
A point of interest; When we turn off the Woodside to Nairne Rd heading into Brukunga it is still possible to see the extensive damage caused by the Cuddlee Creek bushfire last summer.
It’s about 30km between these places and the fire travelled even further in the easterly direction. Gives some idea of the extent of these fires. The one on KI was even bigger, it burnt half of the island.
Morning tea will be at Tai-Lem -b -End, there is a bakery and two other cafes in the Town Centre.
We will then take the ferry and go through the back roads via Langhorne Creek [possible toilet stop] and Woodchester to have lunch at our house in Mount Barker.
Lunch will be provided...a simple sausage sizzle [a la Bunnings for those of us who have missed the weekend Bunnings sausage sizzle].
The ride will end here.
Total distance is about 200kms.
If people want petrol early they can fuel up at TB or wait until Mt. Barker.
Lets hope the weather is ok.
Forecast for Mt. Barker for Saturday is a 60% chance of rain but only of 0-1 mm. Or as the BOM site explains 50% chance of 0 mm and 25% chance of 1mm.