Renapur Balsam

Renapur Balsam –



What is it?

The BEST and EASIEST leather conditioner you’ll ever come by. It takes seconds to treat your gear. It definitely prolongs the life of my leather boots, gloves, jacket (and heaps of other non-bike related things). It’s especially great for reviving old cracked stiff jackets, pants, boots, gloves, or gear that’s gotten soaked and become brittle as it’s dried out. The stuff penetrates the leather – it doesn’t just sit on top and make it look shiny. It’s made entirely from natural ingredients - mainly bees wax, jo joba oil. It smells like .... bees and honey.

 How did you come by it?

A well-worn motorcycle rider mate used to rave on about a leather conditioning product called Renapur (weird name I thought). He insisted I get some if I expected any of my leather bike clothing to stay waterproof and last a life time, like they’re supposed to do.

A couple of weeks later I was at Phillip Island in the Expo Tent and there was a huge line of very excited people and others all ‘oohing and ahhing and saying WT? and Wow’ and more holy moly type words which I’ve simmered down for this review. Some of them had one shiny boot and the other boot incredibly crappy disgustingly dusty dirty – which was pretty strange.
It was the Renapur stand. They were doing demonstrations on anyone’s shoes. I was impressed with the noises coming from the crowd, so I thought I’ll try the small size first – 200 gm (250 ml) screw top plastic pot – complete with sponge to apply the stuff. The size of the pot fits in the palm of my hand.

 How do you use it and what do you use it on?
I still have the same container I bought back then and it’s not even half empty. I’m still using the same sponge too. (Admittedly I don’t clean my boots as often as recommended but still, they look like I do!!) A smidgen goes a hell of a long way, and you don’t have to polish it off.
Use the sponge dry, wipe the sponge across the balsam in the pot (DON’T dig into the stuff), then wipe the stuff over your shoes, gloves, etc. It takes seconds. The instructions say to wipe off any excess with another cloth and no need to polish. But I have the application down pat now, and I know just how much to put on so I don’t have any excess to wipe off. I definitely don’t polish.
I use it on my leather gloves, my Rossi boots, my work shoes, my leather bags (being a girl I have MANY of many different colours), my vinyl bike seat, leather lounge at home, my car dashboard, side trims, rubber weather trips, and if I had a horse I’d use it on the saddle and tack as well! Oh and good for waterproofing wax jackets too. I’ve ridden in the most horrific downpours for hours and my boots have always remained dry.
As always with the internet these days, there’s heaps of reviews and videos on this product and how to apply it. I can’t stress enough not to over apply it, you’ll just be wasting your money and your time having to wipe off the excess.

I’m so impressed with Renapur as a product I bought their Leather Cleaner product too, after my cat shat on my leather lounge... You’d never know now!!

Where can I get it?
Not from any store, it’s available online from the manufacturer Renapur or through other online means. It’s often at motorcycle expos. For what it does it’s not expensive. It’s not an Australian product but then neither is my bike. But at least my boots and jacket are!!

Score? 10 out of 10.

Written by Allicat